Identify your project with the Lenôtre licences to highlight the quality of your product!

> For «Food Service» industry:
Licence «A Lenôtre Professionnel Recipe»
> For the «Supermarket» industry
Licence «A Lenôtre Recipe»
> For «Lifestyle» Professionals:
Licence «Lenôtre Selection»

The benefits on sales:
Our expertise appears on your product as proof of your expertise.
The guarantee of a high profile notability associated with your product.
The impact of the Premium and Quality image of Lenôtre on your business.
3 selectively granted licenses in accordance with our quality standards.
You’re assured to enjoy real 
added value.

Continual commitment at your side:
> Regular quality monitoring, control of regularity, verification of compliance with specifications...
> Raw materials, engineering, equipment ... if necessary our chefs adapt the brief with you to ensure the quality
of the final product.
> Human support and marketing to help your product exist.

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