Olivier Poussier

When Olivier Poussier, elected World's Best Sommelier in 2000, enters the room, respect, discipline and professionalism invade the space. A truly phlegmatic character ... or almost!

Connoisseur of all liquids, fermented or not, or if you prefer, alcoholic or not, Olivier Poussier literally comes to life and glows when he talks about his job. This is the synonamous of passionate people with ... passion!
His journey that he describes as "pretty normal" has impressed more than one. First waiter and then sommelier following the advice of one of his teachers, Olivier Poussier worked for two years as sommelier at "La Tour d'Argent " in Paris before taking off to England for three years.

A journey that allowed him, in addition to mastering his art further, to learn a language essential to any good sommelier. His return to France in 1988 marked the beginning of his story with Lenôtre.

Head Sommelier at the Pavillon Elysée Lenôtre and Chef Sommelier of Lenôtre, this lover of French cuisine never ceases to improve and perfect.
Olivier Poussier, World's best Sommelier  2000
For that reason, since the beginning, he has always taken time to travel at least once a month to vineyards and to build relationships with wine producers. As he often says, "Behind every wine there is tenderness, emotion, and of course a winemaker. As Sommeliers we are only the messengers between the customer and the winemaker. "
He adds, "When I taste a wine, the first thing I think is: What am I going to associate it with?". Here is the philosophy of the master, they go hand in hand. That the glass serves the plate or vice versa, it's the chemistry that develops between the two that creates a perfect harmony revealing the flavors of one and the other.
He who defines a good wine as "wine of the moment, the wine that corresponds to the notion of sharing and the pleasure it provides" also loves to share his knowledge during course at Lenôtre such as Wine / Dessert, Wine / Cheese, Wine / Food ... by tasting with technical and sensitive explainations. Olivier Poussier illustrates perfect accords and distills his knowledge to enthusiastic amateurs. Far from being a "label drinker" he invites your taste buds to discover flavors and surprising combinations to reveal emotions and new sensations.
Still and sparkling wines, beers, spirits ... Olivier Poussier transmits his passion during the time of a course. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure.


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