Gaston Lenôtre's Legacy

Since 1957 the Maison Lenôtre perpetuates the values of its founder: the passion for the profession, the desire for work well done, the search for excellence and the sharing of know-how.

Gaston Lenôtre Predestined for gastronomy...

Son of Éléonore, pastry chef with the Barons of Rothschild and of Gaston, sauce chef, destiny had already put the young Gaston Lenôtre on the path of gastronomy. Born on the 28th May 1920 In Normandy, always close to his heart, he aquired very early in life, thanks to his parents, the taste for fresh and good things. «…I was eating organic from birth, even before I could speak .…we ate fruits and vegetables from the garden, nothing was meddled with, everything was natural. I was always accustomed to produce from the land and I have always been very demaning when it came to the quality of my first patisseries". A quest for perfection and an immoderate love of produce guided this exceptional chef throughout his long career.

… and to success!  

When Gaston Lenôtre arrived in Paris in 1957 to open his first boutique, he couldn't possibly have imagined the epic that would await him in the decades to come! With strength, discipline, ambition and a sense of sharing he built up over the years a vast empire dedicated entirely to gastronomy. It was in patisserie the he made his debut. Patissier, then caterer where he shared and put his expertise to the service of savoury meals. Gaston Lenôtre then turned to training with the creation of the school that carries his name. A reign of more than 40 years over French culinary tradition. By revisiting, remodelling, with the perpetual quest perfection, he worked all his life to promote French cuisine throughout the world. When he passed away in 2009 at the age of 88, the top chefs around the world paid hommage to his ingenuity, creativity, and his excessive taste for life ... a sign of the greatest.

The transmission of strong human values  

The main secret to the success of this Norman patissier who became "the patissier of the century"? His accessibility to people. "With patisserie, as you can imagine, we don't feed people but offer them a moment of sweetness to share", said Gaston Lenôtre. Bringing sweetness, happiness to people, was one of the chefs main desires. Exchanging strong values, transmission and pleasure were values that reigned in his school and were bestowed on all its employees. The pope of gastronomy has created a "house" that has a soul, where everyone finds his place under the watchful eye of the leaders who are now famous themselves. Michel Roth, Guy Krenzer Fabrice Brunet, Frédéric Anton, to name a few, strive every day to follow the footsteps of the master by ensuring that each dish has the taste of excellence, and that each employee listens and masters the gestures.

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