Crusty baguette 250 g

An authentic-tasting baguette for the happiness of demanding connoisseurs, with a soft and airy crumb, and incomparable crunch.

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€2.00 T.T.C

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The product is available in the Paris region, in Cannes and in Nice.

Available by coursier in 2 hour slots (Paris and near surburbs)

Available home delivery in 24h/48h (or at your choice of date)


In a few lines

The workshops of the lathe and the bakery are orchestrated by about thirty experts who take turns day and night. And from 4 o'clock in the morning, the smell of bread baking in the wood-fired oven begins to drift in the air. The craftsmen work with stone-ground flours and a homemade sourdough... Lenôtre house is rooted in tradition and everything that can enhance taste and quality. Baguettes, breads with authentic flavours for the delight of discerning connoisseurs, with an incomparable crunch.
Crusty baguette 250 g

Tasting tips

Store at room temperature, away from heat and humidity. Consume on the day of purchase.

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Allergens present

  • Wheat and derivatives (gluten)