Hazelnut almond financier

Almond and white hazelnut financier LOCATION: SERVING PLATE

Net weight: 0,040 Kg
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€3.10 T.T.C

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The product is available in the Paris region, in Cannes and in Nice.

Available by coursier in 2 hour slots (Paris and near surburbs)

Available home delivery in 24h/48h (or at your choice of date)


In a few lines

Such an important position, the Tour is the central point of Maison Lenôtre's creations. Every day, the chefs work with passion and good humour to make savoury and sweet pastries, perpetuating the tradition and heritage of Gaston Lenôtre. A dive into a job like no other! It is one of the cornerstones of Maison Lenôtre. The Tour position is the vital centre of the workshops, its pulsating heart. Making sweet and savoury pastries that will later become brioches, tartlets, pastries or pâtés en croûte is a colossal task. Flour, water, yeast, butter, a pinch of salt or a bit of sugar: the ingredients for success, to be measured with skill.
Hazelnut almond financier

Tasting tips

Store in a cool, dry place. Consume on the day of purchase.

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Allergens present

  • Wheat and derivatives (gluten)
  • Dairy products
  • Hazelnut (nut)
  • Egg
  • Almond (nut)