Let's Bloom Spring-Summer 2024 Collection


When it escapes to a green, a wild garden, an oasis, by the pool or the sea, Parisian chic remains recognizable. Guided by a poetic, plant-based inspiration, we offer you a true sensory promenade. Generous by nature, our creations surprise you
with their subtle harmonies.

A contemporary palette of creations, a sensory plunge into the heart of nature: we invite you to share a new season with LENÔTRE. From inspiration to products, from surprise to strolling, the new collection tells its own story: bloom, blossoms... nature is a renewed source of inspiration for the brand and delight for the consumer.

Let's bloom !

Sea side


Splash' of happiness by the pool,

Cocktails on the rocks

as a prelude to a summer evening: the South has never been
sensual, the Côte d'Azur so festive.
A branch of coral rests on a salted sablé like a kiss.
a shell reveals pearls of flavor,
for unique moments.



Land side


In the garden, the excellence of Maison Lenôtre is expressed
in complete freedom, for a nomadic picnic
or a lunch on the grass.

Guests enjoy 

A poetic and romantic
poetic and romantic

like a raspberry or zucchini flower.



Our culinary creations

Our savoury creations

Discover an innovative collection of savory culinary creations, boldly combining savory cocktails, refined starters and savory dishes.

Each bite is an explosion of flavors, subtly blending fresh ingredients and modern gastronomic techniques for an unforgettable taste experience.

Our sweet creations

Discover an exquisite collection of sweet culinary creations, where sweet cocktails and desserts blend harmoniously to awaken your taste buds.

Each sweet treat offers a delicate taste experience with every bite.

Our culinary animations

Savoury culinary animations

Make a splash at your event with our savory culinary animations: interactive cooking experiences that dazzle your guests.

Let our expert chefs guide you through dynamic demonstrations and captivating tastings, adding a touch of gastronomic magic to every moment.

Sweet culinary animations

Discover captivating sweet culinary animations, where the art of pastry-making comes to life before your very eyes at special events.

These creative demonstrations add a memorable dimension to any occasion, captivating guests with sweet delights and breathtaking culinary spectacles.

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