Maison Lenôtre Paris offers the opportunity to franchise its retail and education activities internationally. Our partners benefit from our long-lasting expertise and proven reputation in the field of premium French gastronomy since 1957. As entrepreneurs and professionals you will invest in a shared ambition of high quality products and service together with sustainable economic development goals. Our franchisees are valuably supported by Lenôtre’s brand image and notoriety as well as by a full team of highly skilled and dedicated experts. Either for retail and education our core value is to offer all our customers over the world a unique and refined experience.

Franchises retail Lenôtre


Lenôtre shops continue to evolve, embracing tradition and innovation as long-standing purveyors of gourmet food in Paris.

Our boutiques offer our customers a full range of gastronomic products for a unique and exciting experience. We propose several types of retail spaces suited to the specific nature of the location and to the different expectations of our customers around the world.

The sensorial experience is always at the core of our venues.


Lenôtre Culinary arts school 


We are committed to providing our students with the basic methods and essential techniques needed to become recognized professionals.

To achieve this, they will experience how everything works at Maison Lenôtre first hand during the training to learn about our procedures and trade secrets.

They will be an integral part of a demanding professional environment and experience the inner workings of Maison Lenôtre.

All our training courses are entirely designed around practice and repetition.

For more information, a team is dedicated to answer your questions: 

A dedicated team supports you throughout your project



L'alchimie des jolis moments

Chez Lenôtre, nous en sommes convaincus : l'émotion événement passe par une alchimie subtile entre gastronomie, service et atmosphère.

C'est pourquoi la Maison a fait le choix d'une cuisine artisanale et généreuse, d'un service attentionné et d'une créativité sans limite dans le décor pour construire avec vous votre plus joli événement.

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