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Our values and activities         

"We owe this success in space and time to our teams' mastery of know-how. That's why we attach so much importance to passing on knowledge!"

Gaston Lenôtre

Our values


Lenôtre s'engage pour une expérience exceptionnelle et une qualité privilégiée, offrant une expérience unique à ses clients.


Chez Lenôtre, compétences et savoir-faire s'allient dans une aventure centrée sur l'humain, guidée par des valeurs essentielles.


Lenôtre encourage une évolution  constante, questionnant succès et échecs, alliant ambition, humilité, et nourrissant l'optimisme pour innover.


"Apprendre en faisant". Tel était la devise de Gaston Lenôtre, guidant la transmission du savoir-faire culinaire, du geste au goût, dans le respect, l'audace et le partage.

Our history


Founders of a house of excellence and forerunners of a gastronomic revolution, Gaston and Colette Lenôtre shared their passion to make their brand a true icon of French gastronomy.

The story begins in 1957. At 44 rue d'Auteuil, the Lenôtre couple inaugurated their first Parisian boutique, close to the Bois de Boulogne and the road leading to their native Normandy. Gaston Lenôtre was already the initiator of modern patisserie.



Nos activités

Our Lenôtre boutiques

Lenôtre boutiques embody gastronomic excellence à la française, offering an exquisite selection of products in elegant, refined surroundings, where every visit is a celebration of gustatory pleasures.

Discover the new Lenôtre boutique on Avenue Victor Hugo, offering a tea room for a refined gastronomic experience unlike any other.

Lenôtre Catering

Since 1957, our Maison de Gourmandises has been helping you celebrate major events, whether private or professional.

Surprise your guests and share a memorable moment with them, thanks to the creative gastronomy of our Chefs and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and a unique choice of tableware.

The Lenôtre School

Since its creation 50 years ago, our school has embodied, day after day, the passion for transmission that drove its founder, Gaston Lenôtre.

Today, our school trains top-level professionals in cuisine, patisserie, chocolate and bakery, but also men and women who anchor their talents in their times, and who make kindness a key aspect of their profession.

Contact us by email at ecole@lenotre.fr, by phone on 01 86 93 04 00 or via our contact form!

Lenôtre Consulting

Lenôtre Conseil is constantly striving to meet the changing expectations of its customers in the fast-changing food, restaurant and gastronomy market.

 Lenôtre Conseil offers tailor-made consulting solutions, adapted to all specific needs; whether, for example, for the opening of a restaurant, the development of a franchise, the creation of a white-label culinary offering, or a marketing strategy aimed at raising the profile of a business.

Lenôtre Conseil and its culinary consultants bring unrivalled expertise and innovative ideas to the table.

Lenôtre Franchise

 Maison Lenôtre Paris offers the possibility of franchising its boutique and educational activities internationally. Our partners benefit from our long-standing expertise and reputation in the field of fine French gastronomy since 1957.

As entrepreneurs and professionals, you will be investing in a shared ambition for high-quality products and services, and in sustainable economic development objectives. 

Les franchises Lenôtre à travers le mondeLes franchises Lenôtre à travers le monde

Our commitments


Maison Lenôtre reaffirms its commitment to combining culinary art and social responsibility, to build a future where every bite contributes to a fairer, greener and more harmonious world.

We are determined to be the agents of change and to breathe new life into our house, rooted in tradition but focused on the future, for the pleasure and well-being of all.